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Hono Lou

Hollie Pepe

This was the Month I ventured Solo, half way across the world to end up at the most beautiful Sanctuary I will never forget Vervet Monkey Foundation, SA Not knowing what I was about to experience and what I would hold close as I departed. Being apart of a team, a family who is so passionate and cares so much for Vervet Monkeys is beyond my wildest dreams. We work so hard to help give them a home, give them a chance at a natural life they rightfully deserve as humans continue to destroy their indigenous environment. I had never connected with such beautiful primates like this before. To look into their eyes and see this living being so curious about me as I am of them. To watch their curiosity about the world around them made me fall even more in love with them & other species. I will always celebrate Jan/Feb and my time spent at the VMF. This foundation is Family. Dave Du Toit and Josie Du Toit have built a phenomenal safe haven for our Vervet friends 💜 If you want to physically put yourself out there and make a difference, contact the VMF, you will grow in so many beautiful ways by volunteering 🐒